No one is saying you need to wait for a specific day to show someone you love them – and honestly, I’ve gotten some of them for myself #selflove. But if you are looking for something from cupid, here are 10 of my favorite gift options for Valentine’s day under $50!

Sguarfina valentine's trio - gift under $50


Literally anything from Sugarfina. It is quintessential candy, looks nicer than that heart-shaped box of chocolates from the gas station (not hating on those though, I’d eat that), and are DELICIOUS. Seriously, these are so good. I got the rose gummy bears, champagne gummy bears, and peach bellini bites for Christmas. The packaging is top-notch and found at local retailers! If you’re in Kamloops, check out Crooked Crown! Starts at $10. Image from

Karat chocolate - gift under $50


Food is a love language, okayyyyy. There aren’t many chocolates I won’t eat tbh. But there is a soft spot for ones that I feel guilty eating because they look SO good. Favorite here is Karat chocolate from Kelowna but also found at several retailers. Starts at $12 – but you’ll want to try them all! Image from


If you’ve been following on Instagram, you KNOW my current favorite purchase is this heated neck wrap. It is perfect for use around your neck, shoulders, chest, or even for cramps. It is on the smaller side of things, so if you want to splurge, there are larger sizes out there. For my price point though, this is just what I wanted! Somethings this goes on sale – I got it for $40 but I do see it is currently listed just over $50. An alternative I’ve been eyeing up is this version at Costco. Image from

Bacon Roses - Valentine's Day Gifts - Our Best Bites


Okay so this is less of purchase, and more a DIY. But who doesn’t love bacon, or edible arrangements? Best of both worlds. I made some bacon roses for Joe’s birthday about 8 years ago and he still brags about them to his friends. Hell, make it for yourself. It’s bacon! Here is a great tutorial from Our Best Bites. Starts at $15 for bacon and faux flowers you destroy. Image from

Heart shaped waffles - Valentine's Day Gift


Really, just waffles. Or pancakes. Breakfast in general. But this is the perfect time to bust out the “awwww” factor! This waffle maker has great reviews AND there’s a million tik toks about everything else you can cook in these bad-boys. Have you seen the ones with cinnamon rolls? Yes, please. Image from

Valentine's Day Gift under $50 - Calming Bath Soak at Far and Wide


Ballin’ on a budget – and during a pandemic – doesn’t mean you have to give up hope on the finer things. I’ve been eyeing up this Calming Bath Soak by Midnight Paloma from Far and Wide. Light up a candle, play some Bridgerton soundtrack from Spotify… Maybe a back and foot massage afterward? Sign me up. Image from

Valentine's day gift under $50 - far and wide honey tabacco candle


Speaking of candles… set the mood for a relaxing evening with a candle! I am a BIG candle lover. Rose, sandalwood, bergamot, lilac… woodsy or floral and I am all over it. This Honey Tobacco Candle at Far and Wide is also on my “to try” list – hint hint, Joe. Starts at $45 and made in Victoria BC. Image from

Valentine's day gift - things i love about you


These books, found at most book stores, are a great prompt to put down into words all the things you love about another person. If your partner or friend’s love language is words of affections, this will speak to them! Starts at under $10 on sale. Image from

Valentine's gift - flowers from costco


Did you know that Costco sells bulk flowers? And you can get 48 roses for $49.99 including shipping and handling? Now you do. If you have a larger budget, the world is your oyster (for bulk flowers). Treat yo’ self. Treat those around you. Image from

Valentine's gift - ice cream spoon etsy


I don’t know who said that “love is sharing” but I’ve been more on team “Joey doesn’t share.” And I mean, really, love is being able to say “if you eat all my ice cream, you’re going to 7-11 at 9 pm to get me more” without bottling it in. Right? Well, either way, these spoons are super adorable and start at $22. You can also search Etsy for tie clips, makeup bags, necklaces.. you name it. Personalize it! Image from by maker ImpressionsStamped

Don’t forget, you can’t go wrong with a handwritten letter or note, sharing your appreciation and love! Even to yourself. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, friends, or by yourself – remember that you’re the OG ride-or-die in your life, and that deserves some celebrating too.

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