To say the holiday season this year would look a little different than previous ones is an understatement. I feel it, you feel it, we all feel it. I am not one who has many traditions per-say, but more activities I like to do and the few traditions I have, I hold dear. Today, I’m showing you how I brought some Christmas joy to our home in this 2020 Christmas House Tour.

Neither Joe nor I have any family in town – mine is 4 hours West and his is 4 hours East, so we’ve become quite accustomed to not spending the larger holidays with them. Joe has also historically worked evenings and weekends, especially holidays while I work quite literally bankers hours, so I’m used to being dropped off at friends’ homes and being part of their families during this time of year. Usually, Joe will get off a titch earlier on Christmas Eve, pick me up with hot cocoa, and take me to look at lights. Christmas Day he will either join us in the morning and head to work, or come later in the evening after I’ve had a couple of bottles of wine, and we will open presents that night. So as you can see, I’m no stranger to an ever-changing Christmas landscape in terms of company, food, or activities. Still, this year, it being just the two of us (a year he actually had off as he’s been off since March and yet we couldn’t travel.. the irony) hit a harder than I anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so fortunate for so many things and having him home with me during the entire season is something I’m aware I likely will not have again until we retire. But things being different and not being able to break bread or clink a glass of bubbles with my best friend as we do crafts… it all felt a bit strange.

Something I can control though, regardless of how the world outside is going, is what happens in my own home! And one way I do that is through decorating. So let me take you through how we set up a little sparkle and joy to look at through the darker months of the year!

Where I get stuff:

  • Christmas Tree: Home Depot 9′ Levington Flocked White
  • White houses: DIY
  • Bottlebrush trees: Winners and Canadian Tire
  • Green velvet pillows: Ikea Canada
  • Beige velvet pillows: Ikea Canada
  • Paper snowflakes: DIY
  • “The tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year” sign: Urban Barn
  • Mini tree on table: Winners
  • White stockings: Fabricland
  • Picks in stockings: Michaels
  • White ceramic tree: Michaels