2023 report card

Before we get into 2024’s list of goals… how did we do for 2023? I would give it a B just due to the pure size of the projects completed, and considering that I was unable to do much physically for close to half the year.

First the feel good completed side quest bonus tasks we accomplished:

  • new living room coffee table
  • painted wood + installed new picture on built in photo in entry
  • sold shelves and got new (to me) display cabinet
  • install pergola
  • put down gravel for fire pit area in back yard

What was on the list for 2023 and how did we do:

  • paint frame for the TV
    • Didn’t quite paint it, but we did fix it!
  • finish office
    • Didn’t finish the office, but we made large strides. We are about 90% there, but the bathroom took over the rest of the year.
  • finish kitchen
    • Did anyone think this was reallyyyyy going to happen?
  • finish curtains
    • Two to go!
  • redo tub surround/add window
    • This was a HUGE one on the list – AND WE DID IT!
  • flooring/ceiling in laundry room and downstairs bathroom
    • This was a little lofty as we genuinely thought the bathroom would take a couple weeks at most, not most of the year.
  • organize shop + set up a proper workspace
    • We did some organizing and sorting, but this is going to be added to next year’s.
  • flower bed in front of basement windows
    • Didn’t get a flower bed, but we did do the gravel in front and some planters. I’m counting this one as done!
  • paths for garden
    • Oh man this is 95% done! The main paths are done, just one section is left and waiting for us in the spring!
  • price out windows for basement
    • Currently in motion as we got an energy assessment done to see if we can get grants to help with the cost
  • work on 95% list
    • I think I just added to the list more than anything
  • stretch goal: build a coffee table and/or nightstands! I really want to build furniture this year!
    • Between being out for the count for 4 months from surgery, and the bathroom taking up another 5, this unfortunately didn’t happen.

2024 plans

Next year is going to look quite a bit different for projects. There’s a variety of reasons… financial, emotional, physical. We have been in this house 4 years now, and the last 2 of those have tackled very large projects that took up months. Not just months, but thousands of dollars. Our next big projects are going to be expensive and we need to give our bank account a break to save up towards it. Instead of having large room changes, we are going to be focusing on smaller projects. Finishing the 90% and 95% lists. Upcycling furniture. Really getting the main floor to be “done” so when we tackle the projects in the basement, we can do so without looking at unfinished projects with guilt.

Don’t think this will be a year of no work though! There is probably enough to do a project a weekend at least.

So with that, here is the current 95% project list we will be working on in 2024 (spoiler: there’s a lot of trim talk) and goals:


  • finish the kitchen (LOL)
    • trim, pan holder, shelf on end cap, touch up paint
  • paint and caulk baseboards in living room
  • switch out light fixture in spare room
  • re-do trim in spare room
  • switch out electrical (plug ins, switches, light fixture) in office
  • re-install trim in office
  • drywall and reinstall shelves in bedroom small closet
  • set up seed starting station in games room for garden


  • paint/stain new desk
  • strip old desk to refinish and sell
  • refinish night stands bought to sell
  • strip stool in bathroom
  • strip stool in entry way
  • refinish wooden legs on marble skinny table
  • refinish mirror in entry way
  • refinish table in entry way
  • stain/paint tv frame


  • junk drawer in kitchen
  • under kitchen sink
  • under bathroom sink
  • laundry room
  • office closet
  • spare room closet
  • garage
    • install organization system and set up proper workshop


  • finish moving gravel
  • finish mulch paths
  • paint 4th side of shop trim
  • paint trim on bathroom window (outside)
  • disassemble composter (we switched to city composting)


  • Possibly upgrade electrical panel and get solar panels installed (this will be hired out)

So while there’s no large scale projects planned for our 2024 goals, you can see that we will still be keeping busy and having lots to update you on along the way!

And as always, thank you so much for following our journey on this little corner of the internet. Having you here along side us means more than you know.

xo Alyssa & Joe