To say 2022 has been what I expected, would honestly be a huge disservice. And while I know every year will have its own ups and downs, the ones this year really threw me for a loop. So since I had a 9 month unexpected break, here is a little update on what has been going on behind the scenes!

First, we have had a lot of family crisis’. We started the year off strong with my nephew being diagnosed with stage 4 Wilm’s tumor. That is a kidney cancer and it has metastasized to his lungs. Shortly after, I found an aunt on 23andMe that my family didn’t know about. A few more things happened, Joe’s grandpa Bob passed, then in July, Joe’s father unexpectedly passed. I have also been awaiting a surgery for a while and was given a date (day after my birthday in August), which last minute got moved to “sometime in October.” I started therapy earlier this year to help handle my anxiety around all the unknowns, was diagnosed with OCD, and started anti-anxiety medication. We also did a little bit of local-ish travelling, wine tours, being with friends, and a bigger trip to Disneyland. Add in the ongoing literal pandemic, and I have been a little burnt-out from just going through life behind the scenes here.

Projects have definitely slowed down, but they didn’t come to a complete stop! Because of the upcoming surgery/general overwhelm, I didn’t do a garden this year. One day to channel my anxious energy, I dug a trench to drop down our DIY irrigation, and then never finished. So there’s that. However, I have gotten the kitchen to about 95% done and been living with that for months. It feels so close to being done, but something shiny always catches my eye and I start something new instead haha! I have done a few smaller things around the house and I can’t wait to share them with you!

brown garage door is being painted with gel stain. part of door is light brown and the top is darker brown where the stain is applied.

Some project updates you can look forward to reading:

  • Kitchen update
  • bathroom refresh
  • re-caulking the bathtub (and lessons I learned)
  • painting the house trim
  • faux wood garage doors
  • backyard patio refresh and our new furniture
  • plans for the office
  • and more!

Thank you for allowing me space to grieve, process, and grow.