It it hard to believe that 2020 is already behind us, but here we are! ALREADY IN FEBRUARY (or March depending on when I post this LOL)! I’ve put a lot of thought into what I’d like to accomplish this year on our home. Of course, this is all pending a lot of things (aka money and the general pandemic). But maybe in sharing our 2021 Project Goals, you all can keep me accountable – and know what content to expect!

Last year I divided up our goals by both a general to-do list, as well as monthly. This helped me sort out the seasonally appropriate tasks and set a priority during those times. Ummm hello, I can’t garden in December!

General To do/would like to do:

  • kitchen update (this will take up a large chunk of the year!)
  • pathways in garden/maybe drip system?? Inspo from Liz at Within The Grove on how to do the drip system
  • paint office
  • paint fascia on house
  • in a perfect world, also paint the house (but this is a HUGE maybe)
  • flooring + ceiling in laundry room
  • flooring + ceiling in downstairs bathroom
  • paint laundry room
  • build Ana White chairs (we bought the supplies last year but never got to it in time)
  • brick the bar downstairs (currently is covered in red shag – yuck!)
  • Re-caulk bathtub upstairs and paint room
inflatable pool that looks like a donut is being filled


  • January: woops this is done. We just did smaller crafts around the house, nothing very noteable!
  • February: Start kitchen reno
  • March: kitchen kitchen kitchen
  • April: kitchen (hopefully finish up) and start planning garden
  • May: finish kitchen if not done, and paint fascia before it gets too hot
  • June: garden and build chairs
  • July: paint office (very hot outside during this month and also my best friend’s wedding!)
  • August: re-caulk bathroom upstairs and paint
  • September: laundry room
  • October: basement bathroom
  • November: brick bar downstairs
  • December: Christmas crafts

In a perfect world if money wasn’t a thing to factor in:

  • Re-side the house and shop
  • Add eavestroughs/gutters and that whole set up
  • Redo the driveway
  • Frame the basement
  • Re do bathroom upstairs (tile instead of current surround and new built ins)
  • New fencing on East side of property
  • new flooring throughout entire basement

I hope that we accomplish all that we want, but am known for setting my goals a * little * bit high on that regard haha I remind myself that even thought we didn’t do everything we set out to do in 2020, we still got a lot done but most importantly, had fun while doing it. Working on our home is a way for me to escape and be creative – it is stressful at times, but it is means to challenge us in the best of ways. I am really excited to see what our home looks like this time in 2022!!

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