I am a believer of a well stocked bedside table, but that it’s a fine line between must-haves, and too-much. I’ve had a variety of bedside options over my life from ones with multiple drawers, to ones with no drawers, to a shelf over the bed on the wall. And each time, these are my non-negotiables. Which happen to make great stocking stuffers as well 😉 or thoughtful pick-me-up gifts for someone you love!

1 – Kleenex. I am a sniffly person by nature and also because I’m allergic to the world 10/12 months of the year. No explanation really needed, but it’s one of my must-haves in basically every room in the house 😛

Lamp as an example of bedside lighting - a must for late night reading and mood lighting!

2 – Lighting. If you don’t have the luxury of having a sconce near your bed, having a bedside lamp is great for evening reading so you don’t strain your eyes looking at your phone screen. If you don’t have a plugin, there’s some great hacks that use battery-operated remote controlled lights. We’ve also just used the light separately to in a lamp when we only had a shelf!

3 – Phone charger. This could have been #1 but I know some people believe in keeping their phones out of their room at night. Personally, I use my phone for my sleep stories, alarm, and alarming the house so I like to have it at arm’s length.

Laneige lip sleeping mask to help dry lips at night and wake up without any chapping!

4 – Lip mask. I have tried nearly everything on the market for dry lips at night, and when I tell you this is worth the hype – it is worth.the.hype! At first it seems pricey for the small jar, but it lasts so long, smells great, and is a lifesaver in the dry winter months. I am also a big fan of the applicator that comes with it so your nails/fingers don’t have to go in!

Chicken poop lipchap to help keep your lips hydrated all night

5 – Chickenpoop lip chap. For those who don’t want to commit to the above lip mask, or prefer a different texture, Chickenpoop products are my favourite random find. No they have no actual poop in them (hehe) and I am sure I shot the cashier QUITE the look when she asked me if I wanted “to try some chickenpoop” (beg your damn pardon??). But this natural lip chap is great. I prefer the original, but the mint and coconut are good too! I get mine at a local Pevy Mart (farming store lol)

Sage oil for a diffuser to calm your senses and encourage a relaxing sleep and atmosphere

6 – Diffuser. I am someone who gets a lot of anxiety come sleep time, and having a routine and calming environment is something I’ve leaned on. Having a diffuser nearby that I can set on an interval mode with some smell-good oils helps relax me and give me something to focus on to ground myself. I am currently using these oils from Sage with a diffuser from the Jilly box. Here is a similar one though!

o'keefes healthy feet foot cream. A Bedside table must have to keep your heels smooth.

7 – Foot cream. Dry feet rubbing on sheets is probably one of the worst textural feelings I can imagine, and I will literally wake up from a dead sleep from it. There are lots of different lotions out there, but trust me – this one will help heal your cracked heels and just make everything better.

What are your nightstand must-haves for your best night sleep?