Can you believe that I started this kitchen renovation in February 2021?! I think the funniest part is how I genuinely thought I would get this finished before that summer… It’s a good thing we didn’t end up needing to sell after all because it’s to no one’s surprise that we’re not 100% done yet! So, 2 years later here is the kitchen renovation update… what have we done, and what is left? And the million dollar question: why aren’t we done???

stainless steel fridge sits between two banks of black cabinets. There is a variety of art around the fridge to the left. To the right, there is a beige hutch sitting on the cabinets.

What we have done:

  • Sand and paint cabinet bases and doors
  • Install new hardware
  • Paint and put up hutch
  • Move sink to wall with window
  • Install a dishwasher
  • Fix walls from damage of demo
  • Move fridge to where sink was
  • Run gas and water line for gas range/pot filler
  • Frame out wall for range and cabinets (it was directly against concrete aka no room for electrical)
  • Install countertops
  • New light fixture
  • Tile backsplash on wall with range
  • Build floating shelves
  • Build custom vent hood cover
  • Painted walls
  • Redid trim around sink in PVC trim
  • note: some drywall, water, electrical, and gas was hired out due to time and permits required

What is still left:

  • Baseboards and some trim
  • Build area next to range for cookie sheets (is just a hole right now)
  • Trim out and put hooks to the weird triangle part under the angled counters
  • Put up more art
  • Finish making curtains
  • Install flutted glass film on hutch
A young 30s caucasian woman with her hair back is in a purple t shirt, wearing gloves and staining wood shelves

Why aren’t we done?

  • ADHD and burnout
  • money
  • it’s pretty functioning right now and it’s easy to ignore the things that aren’t done

Will we finish?

  • YES! It is my goal to have this done before summer. I have a long time line on that as I will be having a surgery coming up which will lay me out for 6 weeks and Joe will also have to travel for work

Did I cover the main questions?? Are you following along on Instagram? I can’t wait for this space to be done to share it with you! Here’s hoping the next kitchen update is the last for a while 😉

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